Custom Roofing and Steel Cuts

-Panels cut to length, 3' width panels only

-Purlins, tubing, and angle iron cut to length

-Flat plate cut to length


Special Order Screw Down Roofing

-Colored roofing panels are not kept in stock, all colors must be special ordered

-Various non-stock profiles available for order

-Please allow 1-2 weeks for special order roofing, depending on profile and manufacturer selected


Custom Roofing Trim Fabrication

-Available in Galvalume, Galvanized, Paint Grip, or various stock colors

-Custom trim usually available on next business day by noon

-Special order colors available on request, please allow 1-2 weeks


Custom Rebar Fabrication

-Custom stirrup, bar tie, corner dimensions and bar size

-Custom straight bar lengths (cut charges apply)

-Various custom shapes, contingent on machine limitations